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What your fave chocolate flavour says about you

See what your favourite flavour means for you…
14 July 2022 4:49PM

You can tell a lot about a person by the type of chocolate they eat. 

Darren Stanton, a psychologist, has revealed exactly what your go-to bar says about your character. 

“We crave chocolate psychologically because chocolate contains certain properties that are known to trigger the release of dopamine - the brain’s naturally occurring feel-good factor.”

This is why we get those intense chocolate cravings when we’re stressed or need a little comfort.

“With adults, it sometimes takes us back to a younger version of yourself, with certain brands of chocolate also triggering pleasant memories. So there are not just psychological benefits to eating chocolate in moderation but emotional ones too.”

Check out below what your favourite chocolate says about you…

Milk Chocolate 

You are likely cool-headed, not easily shaken in a crisis, and you enjoy going with the flow if you favour milk chocolate.
You may also show off your smarts more often and favour being the centre of attention.

Dark Chocolate
You are more likely to be cultured, classy and sophisticated. You don't sit on the fence and won't hesitate to express your thoughts. 
Just like dark chocolate, you are bold and strong.

White Chocolate 

This suggests that you are creative and quick to accept change. You tend to be fairly independent and choose your path rather than follow the pack.

Mint Chocolate 

Mint means you are driven, focused and motivated while being respectful of others' opinions and feelings.
Nevertheless, you frequently get what you want.

What your fave chocolate flavour says about you

Fruit and nut Chocolate 

You stick to the status quo and tend not to embrace change easily. You live by the words ‘if you ain’t broke don’t fix it’.

Coffee Chocolate 

This one has got a bit of a kick! You're lively, dramatic and have a real passion for life. 
There's a great sense of adventure inside you, and you're also willing to try out new things.

Orange Chocolate 

This is a sign that you are more adventurous, eager to explore different experiences, and perhaps more in touch with your romantic side.