Pink pays heartfelt tribute to her hardworking band and dancers

goss 05/09/2018

Pink has now performed a few shows in New Zealand and you'd be hard pressed to find someone who hasn't enjoyed it!

Although Pink is the one getting a lot of the credit for her amazing performances, in a recent Instagram video she's shared the love with her hardworking band and backing dancers.

Over the next few weeks, Pink is going to be introducing us to the various members of her band and some of her backing dancers. The star asked them a series of questions which they'll answer on her Instagram page.

"This is a truly wonderful thing to do, and share with us all. From what I’ve read so far, they are all wonderful like minded and like hearted people! The best kind of people to surround yourself with." one fan wrote.

Just by looking at the huge scale of Pink's show, you can tell how much team work would've gone into making it. We think this is an awesome way to meet some of Pink's team we might not have otherwise!

Pink's guitarist Justin Derrico

Pink's drummer Mark Schulman

One of Pink's backing dancers Reina Hidalgo