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Married at First Sight NZ's Anna and Jordan call it quits

Married at First Sight NZ's Anna and Jordan call it quits

Less than a week after the show's finale, one couple has called time on their relationship.
18 October 2019 4:55PM

Less than a week after the final episode aired, one of the successful Married at First Sight NZ couples for this season have ended their relationship.

Anna Saxton posted an official statement to her Instagram, addressing the break-up and her mental health struggle.

"Being completely honest with you, I was not dealing with the media and attention surrounding my past on the show," she wrote.

"My heart breaks as I write this," she continued, "but I have to also announce that Jordan and I are no longer together".

"He had to do what was best for him. "

"I think when you give your heart away you never really get it all back, so I still and always will have a lot of love, respect and support for Jordan in everything he does, and I only wish him happiness for his future." 

Jordan Dare also posted his statement on Instagram, sharing that they had tried to give the relationship "its best chance" but their long-distance relationship couldn't work any longer.

"When you have to spend time apart, in reality, you start to realise your deep real feelings," he wrote.  

"We share so much love, I truly will have a friend for life in Anna but if you realise you are not In love with someone it is not a feeling you can hide." 

"The experiment was an amazing experience for me and I learnt alot about myself," he added. "I have no regrets about the show we both truely gave it our all, no stone left unturned and I couldn’t have dreamed of being matched with a better partner.

Two couples from the five of this season of MAFS stil remain together.

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