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Matthew McConaughey's unusual technique to grow back his hair after 'baseball-sized bald spot'

Matthew McConaughey's unusual technique to grow back his hair after 'baseball-sized bald spot'

And contray to rumours, it's not through hair transplants!
3 March 2022 5:00AM

Actor Matthew McConaughey has set the record straight that he hasn't used any hair transplants or regrowth medication after he started going bald in the 90's.

The movie star, who sports a full head of hair at 52 years old, explained in his memoir 'Greenlights' that his hair loss got so bad, he decided to shave his head.

"You can go back and look at things like 'The Wedding Planner' and those things, I mean, you'll see, I was losing it," he said to LadBible, adding he had "a baseball-sized bald spot" on the top of his head in the early 2000's.

The 'Magic Mike' actor credits saving his hair to a specific routine he picked up two decades ago, after he shaved his head.

"I get this topical ointment and I rub it into my scalp, once a day for 10 minutes."

"I was fully committed, I was fully committed to it - no Propecia, no nothing, it was just manual labour."

He told the website his miraculous hair growth has been the subject of numerous transplant claims, even to the extent of one Beverly Hills' doctor asking if he could investigate Matthew's hairline himself.

"He goes, 'Can I just look at your hair? Can I just feel it and see?'" Matthew recounted.

"I said 'Yeah man,' he goes 'You don't have transplants,' I said 'That's what I said, of course I don't.'"

The 'How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days' actor still swears by his hairsaving technique, using the same topical ointment for more than two decades.

He said: "The same thing I was rubbing it down with I still do today.

"I'm not gonna quit to see if like, 'Oh, do I need to do it anymore?'. I'm not taking that chance."