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Kmart issues recall for baby toy over choking hazard concerns

Kmart issues recall for baby toy over choking hazard concerns

"Return it to your nearest Kmart store for a refund."

A baby teething toy sold by Kmart has been recalled due to a serious choking hazard.

As of Monday, the ANKO Teething Llama, which has been available in Kmart stores since April, has been removed from shelves across New Zealand.

According to Product Safety New Zealand, one of the caps on the foot of the llama can come off, which causes concern about a choking risk to infants and young children. 

SOURCE: Kmart New Zealand Facebook Page

In the recall message on the Kmart website on Monday, it was said that "the cap of one of the feet can break free from the teether.”

"If it comes free, it may pose a choking hazard to young children which can block airways and cause death,” the warning continued.

"Stop using the teether, take it away from infants/toddlers and return it to your nearest Kmart store for a refund."

That's really scary stuff! If anyone you know has bought the toy for their bubba, make sure you let them know the dates of concern range from April 27 to October 21, 2022.

In some more positive news, Kmart has released their new spring/summer range stacked with new outfit ideas and a whole bunch of new beauty products to try.

Perfect timing for all of us who have been waiting to upgrade our wardrobes…

With the tempting range of bright colours, especially the emerald green and hot pink palettes, I think it might be hard to keep your focus away from the clothing racks.

The store has also revealed that it will release its new Australian-made solution-based skincare collection.

The new range includes foaming face wash, serums and facemasks, all catered toward people with sensitive skin.

The whole spring/summer range promises to be easy on our wallets too with nothing priced over $37! 

The new range is in store now... so we better get moving.