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American Idol fans want judge Katy Perry to step down after Alanis Morrisette appearance

While Katy was singing to King Charles, her American Idol fill-in judge was having her praises sung by Idol fans.
12 May 2023 6:58PM

Could this be 'ironic'?

Fans of the reality TV show 'American Idol' are reportedly petitioning for singer and fill-in judge Alanis Morissette to replace Katy Perry as a judge on the show permanently.

The 'Roar' singer was temporarily replaced by Alanis as a mentor for the show's top eight contestants while she and fellow judge Lionel Richie performed at the coronation concert for King Charles III.

Fans took to social media to express their admiration for Alanis, describing the 48-year-old Canadian singer-songwriter as a breath of fresh air, giving good feedback that was both positive and helpful to the contestants.

“I’ve always enjoyed your music, but watching you on ‘American Idol’ and seeing how much you cared about these kids and how wonderful you were with them was awesome,” they praised. “You seem like a very genuine person and you don’t see that much these days! Thank you for being you."

One Twitter user, in particular, claimed that Alanis's critiques were "unselfishly intended to benefit the contestants" and that Katy and Lionel could learn a lot from her.

Some users even pushed for Lionel Richie to also be replaced permanently by his fill-in, British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, who also performed during the show.

“Now change those two judges out PERMANENTLY! Thank you, King Charles.”

Katy's short hiatus from the show came after several viewers criticised her for rude behaviour onstage. Katy has faced criticism in the past for being dismissive of contestants and waging psychological warfare on singers. She was also booed for dissing a hopeful's glittery costume and was slammed for "mum-shaming" a contestant, who eventually quit the show. 

Whether or not the show's producers will take these calls for change seriously remains to be seen. However, American Idol fans have strong opinions on who should be judging their favourite contestants.