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Pink embarassed willow by running around the house naked

'Freedom!': Pink seriously embarrassed her daughter Willow by running around naked

Her daughter Willow was not a fan.

Pink embarrassed her daughter by running around naked in the name of 'freedom'.

During a live show at Sunderland's Stadium of Light in England, Pink spilled the beans to the crowd.

She revealed that she and the kiddos found themselves clothesless and in a bit of a pickle.


Pink told the crowd: "Actually, yesterday, me and the kids went running round naked outside because we forgot our clothes in the other room, and we didn't have any clothes."

She and her six-year-old son, Jameson, had a blast shouting: "Ahhh! This is awesome! Freedom!"

Willow, Pink's eldest, was not so amused and questioned: 'Why does our family have to do stuff like this?'

Poor Willow must have been mortified. She couldn't understand why her family had to be so adventurous.

Okay, so we know Willow wasn't a fan of joining her family in a nude run around the house, but she was a fan of joining her mum on stage for a duet. 

Earlier this month, Willow joined her mum to perform 'Cover Me With Sunshine'.

As Willow walked onto the stage wearing a bright pink and orange dress, Pink can be seen smiling so proudly, hugging her daughter tight after she finished her solo and waved to the crowd.

"It's too much!" she said as the crowd chanted "Willow!"

"She smiled and waved. That's a first! She's never smiled and waved before," Pink confessed.

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