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'The vibe is off': Fans are divided by the trailer for the Amy Winehouse movie 'Back to Black'

From 'can't wait' to 'so upset': Fans are divided by the trailer for the Amy Winehouse movie

The biopic has the blessing of Amy's estate, overseen by her dad.

A first look at the biopic movie about Amy Winehouse called 'Back to Black' has just been released, and people are already riled up about it. 

The film, which has the blessing of Amy's estate overseen by her father, is directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson, and stars newcomer Marisa Abela as the late singer. 

Jack O'Connell, who played Cook on the TV series 'Skins', plays Amy's on-again-off-again husband Blake Fielder-Civil. 

Marisa is 27 years old - the same age Amy was when she tragically died of accidental alcohol poisoning in 2011 - but for many fierce fans, the similarities end there. 

"I don't get Amy vibes from this actress at all," one YouTube comment on the trailer read. 

"She looks like if Anna Faris played Amy Winehouse lol. The looks aren't matching," said another. 

"She doesn't look anything like Amy. That guy looks nothing like Blake. The vibe is off, poor casting…" a third added. 

While some purists say they'll be sticking with the 'Amy' documentary and listening to her albums to remember the star, others are excited for the flick to come out. 

"Marisa has worked so hard on this role, it looks amazing so far! Can't wait for this!" one comment read.

"THE NEW AMY WINEHOUSE MOVIE OHHH IM SOOOO THERE OMG," a post on X (formerly Twitter) added. 

We don't know exactly when the movie will hit cinemas, as the trailer simply says 'coming soon', but we do know there's gonna be a whole lot of a lot of chat online about it until it does.