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'School of Rock' star Jack Black sends video message of support to Manawatu school
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'School of Rock' star Jack Black surprises Manawatu school with message of support

From the rock teacher himself!
11 November 2022 10:49AM

Actor and musician Jack Black has sent a personalised message of support to the students at Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School ahead of their stage production of 'School of Rock'.

The 53-year-old recorded a short 45-second video message to the students, shown to them before they took to the stage this week.

The musical is based on the 2003 film of the same name, where Jack Black's character Dewey Finn pretended to be a teacher at a prestigious school in order to use their musical talents and compete in Battle of the Bands.

Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School's Facebook page reshared Jack Black's message to the students, saying that they had "no words" and that the students "are doing you proud."

Filming the video in his office, Jack Black said how he had heard the school was performing 'School of Rock' and that they "rule the school and you rock the block."

"I just wanted to wish you luck, I wanted to send you good vibes and rock'n'roll spirit."

"Go get it and don't forget - there's no way you can stop the school of rock," he sang.

"Rock n roll, much love, peace out."

Principal of the school, Hamish Ruawai said to 1News that one of the school’s parents had a connection to Jack and reached out to him.

“We surprised our students by playing the video of him to them prior to opening night, just before they went in. They were stunned, the adults were stunned and the feedback we’ve had on social media has been amazing.”

“When we see Palmerston North being mentioned along with a famous actor it makes us feel really wonderful, really blessed,” he said.

Jack Black had last reunited with the cast from School of Rock back in 2013, celebrating their 10th anniversary together.

Actress Miranda Cosgrove, who had her breakthrough role as the band manager Summer Hathaway, posted photos of their reunion on her Instagram at the time, saying how it was "sooo good to see everyone."