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The reasons why these scent booster beads are the newest obsession of NZ Costco shoppers
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The reasons why these scent booster beads are the newest obsession of NZ Costco shoppers

Looking at everyone raving about it, it's definitely on my shopping list when I go to Costco.
10 November 2022 8:47AM

The popular US wholesale store 'Costco' finally opened in September, and based off the busyness of the lines, shoppers are loving it!

Although the first Costco store is located in Auckland, people have driven or flown from around the country to check out the products they have on offer.

There's a Facebook group called "Costco NZ Westgate Community" where Costco fans do their shopping haul, share photos of what they got, recommend things, give reviews on products, interact with other shoppers, ask questions and get answers.

The Facebook group has nearly 150K members and it's just a great space to see if there are any reviews for a product you're wanting to purchase.

Although their massive butter pound muffins are highly recommended and their $2 hot dog deal with unlimited drinks is really appealing, there's one particular product that has been very popular among the shoppers. 

It's the Downy Unstoppable lush in-wash scent booster. It costs $37.98 and weighs 1.06kg. Its main purpose is to use the small beads in your washing machine to improve the smell of your clothes.

"I have always used fabric softener and got marginal results in fragrance. This blows them out of the water in terms of strength of smell and lasting longer on clothes, by far" one shopper reviewed.

But users of the Downy Unstoppable beads have found it versatile around the house, even in removing those stubborn lingering smells.

"It removed Rotorua's Mudpools/minerals when literally other stuff wouldn't. It's good."

Here are other ways people have maximised the use of these beads:

1. Homemade diffuser

"I am using it for other things, like placing some in small mesh bags so the house smells amazing."

2. Carpets

"I have the purple lush. They are amazing when I do laundry my entire house smells amazing. I also crushed them and sprinkled over my carpets like a shake and vac, now i want to vacuum all the time too"

3. Vacuum cleaners

"Pop some in your vacuum cleaner filter house will smell amazing"

Another user said, "I accidentally spilled some and vacuumed it up. The next day I went to use my vacuum it smelt amazing! An accidental hack I came across "

4. In the toilets and bathrooms

"Lovely smell…$37.98 haven’t used in the washing yet, but put into small bags and hung in the car and off toilet roll holder..wow the light fragrance is heavenly not overpowering and as you can see I have used very little my new fragrance in all parts of the home"

5. Smelly shoes

One user shared a photo of her shoes with the Unstoppable beads in, saying that she's trying a new hack. Many were curious about the result, and she sure brought some good news the next day saying it worked perfectly. 

"I wore my sneakers a few times last week with no socks big mistake. Hopefully this works or I may have to try water mix and spray them".

The next day she replied with a "totally worked".

6. Car freshener

 "I’m using as car freshener and it’s amazinggggggg" one user wrote. 

They shared a photo of re-using an old air freshener that they refilled with Downy beads. 

Another user creatively used those small mesh bags and filled them with a few beads, and placed them in the car, allowing the whole car to smell nice.

7. Homemade fabric-scented spray

"Pro tip- add the downy beads and water to a spray bottle for a fabric-scented spray  House smells amazing now!"

8. Wardrobes

"I also add to small fabric bags and hang in wardrobes."

9. Rubbish Bin

"I've also added a few into my kitchen rubbish bag".

And there may be even more we've yet to discover. Shoppers have described it as their "fav" and "best purchase" from Costco, and now we know why!