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Treasure Island Fans v Faves Recap Week 1
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Poking snorers and hairless tees: 5 things you may have missed on Treasure Island: Fans v Faves

We're heading back to the island with our faves!
2 February 2023 2:59PM

Treasure Island has returned - in more ways than one!

With our own More FM announcers Lana Searle and Joe Cotton making their second appearance on the TV series, the Celebrity Treasure Island favourites are battling it out against the biggest fans of the show! New alliances are formed, new dynamics are at play, and Dame Susan Devoy has brought her son along for the worst family camp you could have… However, that may be not all you saw!

Follow along as we dive into some of those moments you may have missed in this week’s episodes.

Jane REALLY likes corn

Fans contestant Jane Yee wears her heart on her sleeve, and her cob on her noggin. Corn has had a real viral moment as of late (see: Corn Kid) but the Podcaster and former C4 host shows she's on trend, sporting her baby blue corn hat in the toughest of team competitions.

Joe was already glowing in the first episode!

We’re always jealous of those friends who come back with that Fiji sunkissed look. But even we were surprised that by the first team challenge, Joe was glowing…red. Our More FM Southland host tells us that she goes on to peel badly for the next five days. Remember kids, slip, slop, slap and wrap even when you’re seeking treasure.

Lana has always been loyal to the Orange team

Big Celebrity Treasure Island fans will remember when Lana was a stalwart member of Team Katipo, she bought a bright orange wardrobe - and it seems like some of those key pieces have made a return!

The Faves weren’t kidding about how badly Joe snored

When the Faves found out the snorer in their midst was Joe Cotton, the comments about her vocals at night were quite brutal!
“It’s like a chainsaw.”
“She snores like a trucker!”
“We’re talking supersonic.”
“The waves of a chainsaw just revving…”
Turns out the comments were quite accurate. Joe tells us that a certain bunkmate was particularly less than impressed with her.
“Josh Kromfeld got tired of shaking my bed when I snored, so he just got a big stick so he could poke me from his bed.”

Josh’s TrueBliss singlet has a hairless Joe

Speaking of the Josh Kronfield and Joe Cotton dynamic - we loved it when Josh confessed how much he wanted a TrueBliss tee, and then proceeded to wear it for a whole day on the island. Joe’s TrueBliss shirt was from a previous NZ Music T-Shirt Day, where they printed the album cover from Dream - featuring the 90’s girl group holding each other on a dark background. What people may not realise is that, for some reason, the TrueBliss tees didn’t bother to print Joe’s or Erika’s hair on the black t-shirt. So they essentially are hairless!