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Robert Irwin is weirded out by us sharing lip balm
Kiwi As
Kiwi As

Robert Irwin is in New Zealand, and he is confused by our lip balm

"Is this a New Zealand thing?"
26 April 2023 5:23PM

Crikey! Robert Irwin, the son of the legendary Australian Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin has made his way further down under to visit Aotearoa recently. But it seems he has some questions for us Kiwis.

The 19-year-old posted a video to his TikTok taken at Queenz Souvenirs in Frankton, Queenstown, where he seemed quite perplexed by a display of Alpine Silk branded lip balm. In particular, it was the use of a 'Try Me' sticker on a tester lip balm tube.

"Hey Kiwis, is this ‘sharing lip balm’ a New Zealand thing?" he asked in his video caption, showing his quietly confused face to the camera.

"Umm… no thanks…"

It's unsure why Robert was making a visit to a Queenstown souvenir shop, but after the million views it's received, we feel the need to explain to him that it's not what you think it is... And that we hope Robert read the comments section as Kiwis tried to rationalise this communal lip balm tube.

"Most people will try the lip product on the back of their hand so they can feel the texture of it or see the colour if it's tinted," said one comment.

Another explained that they use the tester on their hand " to see the smell or texture or see if I react to it, I’ve never actually put it on my lips".

There was also a method where you could "rub it on your finger then on your lips" as another suggestion.

But we didn't go through three years of solid hand sanitising to restart another wave through a public lip balm tube, that's for sure!

Anyway, kia ora to our country Robert Irwin! We're surprised you've popped up at a souvenir shop, but we hope the rest of your trip around New Zealand doesn't continue weirding you out.