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This Kiwi barber's touching act of generosity towards a homeless man will melt your heart
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This Kiwi barber's touching act of generosity towards a homeless man will melt your heart

The kind act has spread a lot of love

An amazing Kiwi barber is melting hearts left and right after his kind act towards a homeless Auckland man has gone viral.

Whenua Kirkwood, the big-hearted founder of Kirkwoods Barbers on Lunn Ave, Mt Wellington offered a free haircut to a homeless man named Rob sitting on the streets of South Auckland.

Rob couldn't be more thrilled – he jumped right in the chair without hesitation.

The heartwarming exchange was caught on camera and spread like wildfire on TikTok over the weekend. 

While Whenua worked his magic on Rob's hair, he curiously asked Rob about his life. 

Rob bravely opened up and shared the twists and turns of his life, how he ended up on the streets, and his dreams of having a roof over his head again. 

He explained: "One of [my kids] departed from us. I won't go too much into that... It's just from those sorts of tragedies and whatnot, I moved out the back door basically.”

“I didn't want to confront my problems, and I ended up on the streets.”

When asked about some of the struggles he faces while living on the streets, Rob explained he struggles with how “nasty” some people can be.

All he wished for was some acknowledgment from others, a nod to his humanity. 

"I find you meet a lot of good people out there, but you meet a lot of nasty people also.”

Rob gave props to the South Auckland community for being willing to help others who may find themselves in tough situations.

Rob acknowledged those who have helped him are often facing struggles of their own.

“I find plenty in the tough situations are the ones willing to help more often because they’ve experienced it themselves, perhaps.”

As Whenua wrapped up the fresh cut, the transformation was incredible. My heart melted at Rob’s epic “wow” when he saw the magic for himself.

Oh, and the generosity just kept flowing. Whenua didn't stop at the haircut; he handed Rob a cozy blanket and a scrumptious lunch to-go. 

Moments like this are a great reminder that kindness and even just a good conversation can go a long way and mean the world to someone. Props to Whenua for his act of generosity and Rob for sharing his story with us all.