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The McCaw’s ‘Footgate’ Update
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The McCaw’s ‘Footgate’ Update

The McCaw family had a bit of an incident on a plane and The Breakfast Club has the latest.
27 September 2023 10:18AM

We’ve all come across some… strange behaviour in the cabin of an aeroplane, but recently the McCaw’s have had their own incident that has since gone viral around the world. 

The McCaw family embarked on a flight with their three young daughters, four-year-old Charlotte, two-year-old Grace, and five-month-old Ella.
Little did they know that this flight would take a stanky turn. 

Former Black Sticks player, Gemma McCaw, noticed a little intrusion into her daughter’s personal space. A neighbouring passenger had their bare foot propped up on Charlotte's armrest from behind.
Gemma McCaw shared the situation on her Instagram Stories, exposing the audacity of the intrusive foot. 

It even got to the point where little Charlotte wrote a note saying can you please put your foot down. 

“The heels and the toes and the calluses and everything. Right by her wee daughter” 
- Lana

Thankfully, things positive turn a few hours later as a flight attendant intervened. The passenger was politely asked to remove their foot from the armrest, and order was restored in the cabin.

"Update on the foot gate: hostess stepped in and asked her to kindly remove her foot from the seat. All is well."
- Gemma 

After the flight, Gemma discovered that their ‘Footgate’ had become a viral news story across the world. So she decided to take to her Instagram stories again to provide an update. 

Listen to The Breakfast Club podcast below to hear the latest on the McCaw’s ‘Footgate’. 

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