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'Powerful and inspiring': Fans are freaking out over the live version of Stan Walker's 'I AM'
Kiwi As
Kiwi As

'Powerful and inspiring': Fans are freaking out over the live version of Stan Walker's 'I AM'

"His voice is like an instrument from heaven."

Stan Walker is keeping his fans entertained with a brand new version of his famous track ‘I AM’ 

It's been put out to celebrate the feature film ‘ORIGIN’, which the track is from, dropping in US cinemas tomorrow. The song’s initial release proved insanely popular, with a few reports picking the tune as a favourite to win ‘Best Original Song’ at this year’s Oscars. 

Stan hopes the track inspires listeners to tune in with their history and proudly be themselves. 

“I hope that this song, whoever you are, wherever you are, empowers you in your walk with your own identity,” he said. “This song is a reclamation of our own unique identities… knowing who you are, where you come from & whom you come from is powerful."

And, judging by the comments, it seems to be doing just that. 

“This is such an important song,” one person wrote. “Forget Hollywood, we need to take inspiration from our roots. We are nature, we are blessed to exist.

“It's astounding to me that Stan Walker, the Levites and the band haven't been recognised around the world for their amazingly God-gifted talents long ago,” said another. “The calibre of his voice surpasses many artists who are successful in the music industry.”

“Your voice is like an instrument from heaven Stan,” a third added. “The frequency of this song hits my DNA! Powerful & inspiring.”

“I have never bonded with a song like this one,” one more wrote. “I listen to it every single day, and it's the last sound I hear in bed. I love it so much.”

'ORIGIN' is out in the USA tomorrow and we will keep you updated when it's out here in Aotearoa.