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'Parenting goals': Kiwi girl goes viral for rocking out with mum at Foo Fighters Wellington gig
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'Parenting goals': Kiwi girl goes viral for rocking out with mum at Foo Fighters Wellington gig

“Child raised right!"

Fans of all ages headed to Wellington’s Sky Stadium for another epic performance from the Foo Fighters, but for one Kiwi mum, it was a memorable night. 

With her daughter in tow, Monica went to see her favourite band perform the third and final Foo’s show on the NZ leg of their tour.

We know the kiddos are all about Taylor Swift these days, and according to her mum's caption, this young gal is no different - but she's also a rocker at heart.

In a clip from the mosh, Monica and her daughter give each other the ‘we’re about to ace this, are you ready?’ stare as they point each other into the bridge of ‘Monkey Wrench’.

Screaming at the top of their lungs, the pair launched into: “One last thing before I quit / I never wanted any more…”

Turns out, they were stars of the show themselves with many commenters mentioning having seen them having a blast in the crowd.

“Your kids made my night by how excited and into it they were!!! was such an awesome concert 😀,” wrote one concertgoer.

Another applauded Monica’s parenting: “I will train my future children to be like this child. Parenting goals.”

“Child raised right! well done mumma,” agreed a third.

It’s a truly proud moment seeing the next gen of Foos fans getting into it at their shows. The youngest of the bunch being 2-year-old Evander -  who’s already proving to be quite the drummer.

Last week, Evander’s mum Breigh recalled Foo Fighters’ ‘My Hero’ becoming “his anthem” before he had even celebrated his first birthday. 

When he heard the tune for the first time, “he immediately began head banging and drumming his hands,” Breigh told More FM. 

“At that time he didn’t have as much language as he does now but he used baby sign language to sign 'more' as he called out to us: ‘Again. More. More. More!’ and insisted we play it over and over again.”

It’s these Foos fans who will let the music live on - and we’re more than happy to have them join us in the mosh.