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Whittaker's is upping chocolate prices next week - do we need to panic?
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Kiwi As

Whittaker's is upping chocolate prices next week - do we need to panic?

How many times can we go through this?

Chocolate lovers we’re really going to have to sit down and think about this one because Whittaker’s have just broken some devastating news for our wallets.

Once again, the word is out that the NZ choccy will be costing us more starting next week.

“From Monday 20 May there will be an increase to our prices,” the Kiwi biz wrote to their Whittaker’s Chocolate Lovers Facebook Page. 

Explaining the reason behind the hike, they added: “The costs of our quality ingredients have risen significantly, and we would never compromise on these, our generous 250g sized blocks, or on our commitments to ethical sourcing, including using Rainforest Alliance certified and fully traceable cocoa beans and being 100% Palm Oil-free.”

SOURCE: Whittaker's Chocolate Lovers on Facebook

Honestly, we do understand, but it doesn’t soften the blow to our pockets.

While the new prices remain a mystery, they thought it was fair to give us a heads-up, and for that we are grateful.

This is the third time in just two years that Whittaker’s has raised their prices. 

I took a quick poll around the More FM office to find out if another bump will stop us from indulging in the choccy.

“I don’t care at all about the price hike because I’d rather keep buying the best quality,” one said.

While another said: “At this point, it's becoming a luxury item for the family. The last time this happened, we really had to cut back our treats.”

“I definitely won’t be buying as often,” a third added.

While it stings, we can’t give up the sweet treat altogether. It just means we’ll savour it a bit more and practice some self-control.

Whittaker’s openness with us chocoholics is what keeps us coming back for more.