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Whittaker's is bringing back a fan favourite chocolate block - but it won't be here long
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Whittaker's is bringing back a fan favourite chocolate block - but it won't be here long

It's going straight in our trolley during the next food shop!

Whittaker's are bringing a fan-favourite chocolate bar back to Kiwi shelves - but it won't be here for too long.

Announced today, the Creamy Milk Macadamia blocks will be returning for we Kiwis to enjoy once again.

The block is simply the classic Creamy Milk flavour with roasted macadamia nut pieces mixed through. 

Here for a good time not a long time, the blocks will return to shelves up and down the country from Monday 10 June 2024. Once they are gone, who knows when the block will make its next appearance?

Whittaker’s Chief Marketing Officer, Soraya Cottin, says: “Creamy Milk Macadamia block has its very own fan following and is the flavour that our Whittaker’s Chocolate Lovers ask about most, so it’s a momentous occasion for us to bring it back a for a taste of nostalgia.”

The news comes as Whittaker's announced they have had to up their prices yet again.

As of the 20th of May, there was another rise in price due to the cost of quality ingredients. 

Honestly, we understand the decision, but it doesn’t make it any less bitter to swallow when it comes to our favourite sweet treat.

This is the third time in just two years that Whittaker’s has raised their prices. 

I took a quick poll around the More FM office to find out if another bump will stop us from indulging in the choccy.

“I don’t care at all about the price hike because I’d rather keep buying the best quality,” one said.

While another said: “At this point, it's becoming a luxury item for the family. The last time this happened, we really had to cut back our treats.”

“I definitely won’t be buying as often,” a third added.

While it stings, we can’t give up the sweet treat altogether. It just means we’ll savour it a bit more and practice some self-control.

I just don’t know how practising that will go with the announcement of this new block…