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Abby Wolfe's latest single is brave, bold and all about jumping into love and acceptance

Abby Wolfe's latest single is brave, bold and all about jumping into love and acceptance

Up-and-coming Kiwi singer-songwriter Abby Wolfe has a new single out!
29 January 2020 9:09AM

Free Falling is up-and-coming singer-songwriter Abby Wolfe's latest single. The song has been called 'bold and brave' and is all about jumping into acceptance and love.

Where do you call home?
I've recently moved back to my hometown of Dunedin!

What inspired your new song 'Free Falling'?
I was fortunate to be at last years APRA SongHubs, which is a collaborative songwriting camp. I was thrown into a room with 3 other writers & we were tasked with writing a song for me. I don't usually like to bring too much of an idea of what I want to write about when I'm writing with others, just in case it taints the raw creativity in the room - But as soon as Evan (Maala) started noodling on the piano I knew that this song wanted to come out. Free Falling is about falling into love and acceptance. I always imagine it as being on a high ledge above a pool of water, preparing yourself to take the plunge.

What's your proudest musical moment?
A really beautiful moment I had recently was opening for UK singer/songwriter Tom Walker & having a sea of people somehow learn & sing along to songs I haven't even released yet! That was pretty special.

What's a Kiwi song you're loving at the moment?
Foley - Homesick. I love those two - I'm fairly certain I've spun it 100k times - eek!

What's one artist you would love to collaborate with?
Hands down P!nk! She's been my fave since I was 10. She's a badass!!

Where can we find you on social media?
You can track me down on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, TikTok (trendy af) all under the handle @theabbywolfe