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Foley come back for Heardle Round 2 against Flynny
It's Foley's Ash and Gabe back for redemption against Heardle champion Flynny
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Jay-Jay & Flynny

Foley return to fight Flynny in a fierce round 2 Heardle battle

Ash and Gabe from the Kiwi band Foley do not want to lose round two against Heardle champion Flynny
8 May 2024 11:24AM

One of our favourite Kiwi pop duos, Foley, has returned to the More FM studio to talk new songs, new awards, and start a new music battle...

The duo, made up of high school friends Ash and Gabe, have released a new song titled 'Miss You All The Time', and we have to admit how much we've missed them too!

But while they've been adventuring overseas, the pair have been making waves, with a new Aotearoa Music Award nomination for Best Pop Artist, and a musical appearance on an episode of The Kardashians.

"It was kind of random to be honest," Ash confesses.

"[Our label] came to us saying we've got this TV show that wants to use your song... a little bit later, it's like 'oh it's the Kardashians!'"

They also had no idea how much their song 'Killing Me Babe' would be used in the show.

Ash explains "It was the first song in the finale, and it was quite a big moment!

"You see a lot of people come out of the woodwork who you didn't think watch The Kardashians," Gabe jokes.

Watch Ash and Gabe challenge Flynny in another music battle of Heardle in the video above.

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