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Foley's new single 'Midnight'  shows off the duo's mischievous side

Foley's new single 'Midnight' shows off the duo's mischievous side

Love this new one!
29 April 2020 8:18AM

Foley's new single 'Midnight' is a feelgood tune that shines a light on the duo’s mischievous side as the clock ticks closer to 12am...

We caught up with Foley to ask them a few questions.

Where did the band start?
We met in Smokefree Rockquest when we were both in seperate bands competing, and both our bands became really great mates. It took us a few years before it occurred to us to write music together which seems crazy now! We wrote together for a year or so before we released anything because we wanted to get it right and I am so glad we waited because the first few songs were awful... 

What inspired your new song 'Midnight'?
Midnight captures that turning point in the night where you're sticking around a bit longer than you should, and things are getting messy. Sometimes we censor ourselves or go home early to avoid trouble, but the times that we stay out and see where the night takes us have a danger about them that's kind of invigorating. It's that inner monologue of 'should I have stayed out and ended up here' - because nothing good ever happens after midnight. 

What's your proudest musical moment as a band? 
Opening for Six60 in Hamilton this past summer was such a moment. It's so easy to get caught up in what's next and never really slow down, but going on stage that night was such a buzz I don't think we've ever been so stoked. 

What's a Kiwi song you're loving at the moment?
Ash: Yasssss, my favourite jam at the moment is Night and Day by Wells*- ABSOLUTE TUNE
Gabe: Benee and Jack Berry - Drifting, absolute legends. 

What's one artist you would love to collaborate with? (both can answer - credit your name next to it)
Ash:  H.E.R is my all time queen. If we collaborated I would contribute absolutely nothing because I would be so in awe of her the whole time but it's worth a crack
Gabe: Chelsea Jade!!

Where can we find you on social media?
All our social media is under @wearefoley so find us there! And find our music everywhere that music lives!