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Pacific Heights and Georgia Lines new song is inspired by loving someone as they are

Pacific Heights and Georgia Lines new song is inspired by loving someone as they are

Loving them through the good and the bad.
9 March 2021 4:28PM

What inspired your song In Bloom?

The song was inspired by what it actually means to love someone as they are, where they're at... with the good, the bad and the ugly.

So often we can love another person based on conditions, or when it's convenient to us... But when we allow those parts of ourselves that maybe aren’t so wonderful to die and to choose to fight for connection, there is so much more life and beauty on the other side.

What's your proudest musical moment? 

[DEVIN] When I was in Shapeshifter we once played a show in the Auckland Domain with the Philharmonic Orchestra to around 30 thousand people. We played a song called 'Tapestry' which I wrote in my bedroom for my grandfather who had just passed away. It brought me to tears on the spot and still does today thinking back about it.

[GEROGIA] A standout moment for me was recording my first EP and trusting my gut and re-writing/re-creating and actually releasing the music. It took me so long to release anything because I was so scared of what everyone would think or say. But, it was such a liberating feeling creating something that I was deeply proud of and releasing it into the world.

What's a Kiwi song you're loving at the moment? 

[DEVIN] 'No Flowers' by Dallas Tamaira. Stunning piece of music that I was lucky to be part of.

[GEORGIA] I’m loving “Not My Neighbour” - Niko Walters… Such a killer tune! But I’m always singing the wrong lyrics at the wrong time...

What's one artist you would love to collaborate with?

[DEVIN] Bon Iver

[GEORGIA] I would love to collaborate with Solange. Everything she creates really inspires me. Not just musically but visually too!

Where can we find you on social media?

https://www.instagram.com/pacificheightsnz/ and https://www.facebook.com/pacificheightsnz

Facebook - georgialines.nz
Instagram - georgialines.nz