Vince. Jr tries to understand his demons with his debut song 'When It's Over'

wired 28/04/2022

Singer-songwriter Vince. Jr has debuted with his single 'When It's Over', a song that he explains was his first step in "trying to understand" his self-inflicted bitterness and inner demons.

Get to know more about Vince. Jr below:

Where do you call home?

I’ve lived in Auckland since i was 17, but my home is where my family stay in Hawkes Bay.

What inspired your song?

‘when it’s over’ was made mid-pandemic, and written in the hopes it would allow me to understand the inner demons I wasn't yet ready to unravel.

What's your proudest musical moment?

My proudest moment was the release of my first song, as it was an accumulation of years of self growth and growing the courage to share my most vulnerable experiences in a world that doesn’t make it the easiest to be different.

What's a Kiwi song you're loving at the moment?

Cellarr, LA WOMEN’s ‘serotonin’ is an absolute killer!

What's one artist you would love to collaborate with?

I'm a big fan on Wafia and her groove, and would love to make some serious magic if I had the opportunity.

Where can we find you on social media?

Instagram / YouTube / FacebookTwitter / Music