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Flynny gets honest with his anxiety struggles
Jay-Jay & Flynny
Jay-Jay & Flynny

Flynny gets honest with his anxiety struggles

We're proud of you for being so open, Flynny.
12 September 2022 6:10PM

Flynny recently took some time off work, because he wasn't feeling 100%.

Flynny gets honest about his anxiety and struggles
We love you Flynny!
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And some of his friends, family and some of the More FM family noticed that he hasn't been quite himself, Flynny spoke candidly about his struggles with anxiety.

"And so last week I had to take some time off to take stock and rest and chill and go for walks and runs. In my life, I've always been prone to anxiety, especially since I was a teenager. But this time it's really hit me like a ton of bricks again. Um, so that's why I had to take time off last week."

"And for me, I know how to fix it. I need to rest and look after myself and eat properly and sleep and and exercise and go outside and feel the fresh air and feel the sun and of course have heaps of laughs."

"And I think of it like an onion, like there's all these layers of these, all these layers of anxiety all around me, like an onion. And every time I do something good, like have a good sleep or rest or go for a walk or run at one, one layer of the onion comes off. "

"So I'm really lucky that I have you guys and I have my my beautiful children who I love with all my heart and and my girlfriend, who's been incredibly understanding and kind and amazing. And just a big group of family and friends whom I appreciate and love all of you."

We're proud of Flynny being able to be honest about his struggles with us, because we know our More FM family will also give him strength and our full support.

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