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Flynny and his wife may be NZ's unluckiest couple this year
Things have not been smooth sailing in the Flynn household!
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Jay-Jay & Flynny

Does any Kiwi family have more injuries than Flynny's household?

Flynny and his wife Jo haven't had the best of months...
28 May 2024 12:41PM

Poor Flynny and Jo!

It wasn't that long ago that we were celebrating Flynny and Jo's one-year wedding anniversary. But as the vows say, marriage is about staying together "in sickness and in health."

It began a couple of weeks ago when Jo had an unfortunate slip down the stairs at home. Poor Jo suffered a painful spine fracture, a couple of broken ribs, and a week's stay in hospital. A tough time for the Flynnster who stayed bedside between work!

So you can imagine how elated Flynny felt when he could finally bring Jo back home. Organising a comfortable and supportive recliner chair for Jo's recovery, and a delicious hot dinner to be delivered by Uber Eats - it was all looking up.

However, there was one slight issue - one cat bowl...

The next 24 hours saw another 111 phone call and another overnight spent in the same hospital, but this time for Flynny's poor arm! Flynny's now awaiting surgery, and Jo is taking her spinal fracture one day at a time.

Is there any family in New Zealand who is suffering from as many injuries as the Flynn household?

Get better soon!

Hear the full story in the video above.

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