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‘I started to hate my boobs’: Jay-Jay opens up on what led to her breast reduction surgery
Jay-Jay & Flynny
Jay-Jay & Flynny

‘I started to hate my boobs’: Jay-Jay opens up on what led to her breast reduction surgery

“I think anything past a double D is starting to get out of control… it feels like all you are is boobs.”
20 October 2022 1:59PM

Radio broadcaster Jay-Jay Feeney has opened up on her decision to get breast reduction surgery, saying going up to an F cup “makes you feel like all you are is boobs”.

In an interview with Petra Bagust on her podcast Grey Areas, Feeney revealed the full extent of her complicated relationship with her chest, which she initially loved but had grown to despise.

The More FM host also spoke candidly about body image issues and touched and why she chose to go public with her struggles with depression, infertility and divorce.

Feeney says when she first went through puberty and for the decades that followed, she loved her breasts.

“Overnight, sometimes when I was around 15, they just popped up and were about a C or D [cup size] straight away,” she said.

“They were really quite something at that point and everyone noticed them. They were perky and I knew they were a good asset.”

For years Feeney loved her boobs, but about a decade ago, her relationship with them changed.

“They just got too big,” she laments. “I think they went to an E cup and that was it. By then it was like, no, they’re too big now – I just really wanted from then [for them] to be reduced. And then they went up to an F cup.”

Feeney says having an F cup was “next level”, and it was at this point she “really started to hate them”.

“I think anything past a double D is starting to get out of control. I don't know how the ladies that get massive implants, the people that want the biggest boobs in the world, I'm not really sure like how they cope with that, really – because they do get in the way.

“They get heavy, they’re hard to dress. You can't find anything that really fits you properly, ever because even if you buy a super extra large top to go over your boobs, it's always going to be baggy everywhere else. Or, if you buy something that fits your body, your boobs won’t get into it.

“Everything you wear almost looks like you're trying to show off your boobs because you're always going to have cleavage. Or, even if the top has a higher neck, it's always going to come down and expose your cleavage. So it feels like all you are is boobs.”

Feeney, becoming increasingly achy and more and more annoyed by her breasts’ intrusion into her daily life, became desperate to reduce her breast size.

Having tried losing weight with no noticeable difference in breast size, she opted for surgery. Surgeons would remove more than 1kg from her breasts and Feeney says while taking that decision to go under the knife was “terrifying” initially, it was ultimately the “best thing ever”.

“They’re perky now. I don’t even have to wear a bra anymore.”

Later in the interview, Feeney spoke about struggles with her body image.

“The funny thing is, I don't care what people think of me, but yet I think badly of myself physically all the time – it's so weird.”

She also got candid about why she’s chosen to talk publicly about the difficulties in her private life, such as her high-profile divorce from fellow radio host Dominic Harvey, her battle with depression, and infertility issues.

“I pretty much tell everyone everything… I don't understand why people want to keep those parts of their life private from the people they know, because you need the support,” she said.

“If you're going through infertility, for example, and you're going through IVF and trying to have a baby and you've had three miscarriages] along the way and spent thousands of dollars, why would you not want people you know to know that so you can find like-minded people?

“You never know, someone in your friend group might have also been through the same thing. You know, you need to find support for all the things that you go through.”