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EXCLUSIVE: The Maccas guy who quit has a bombshell admission
Jay-Jay and Flynny discover the truth
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Jay-Jay & Flynny

EXCLUSIVE: The Maccas guy who quit has a bombshell admission

The Maccas guy has spoken!
25 November 2022 5:24PM

One Maccas worker from Hawke's Bay has gone viral on TikTok for quitting his work mid-shift and capturing it on a video. 

Fionn McCallum uploaded a video of him walking away from the dirty dishes in the sink and saying "hell nah.. I am not cleaning that".

He then declares that he's done with the job. 

"I quit" McCallum says as he walks away.

The video has been watched 7.8 million times, and we had to unpack it and dig deeper into what had happened. 

Talking to Fionn, he revealed that it was a "big joke, a skit" and despite him commenting on his video that it is a joke, sounds like no one had caught on that. 

"I have not actually quit" Fionn said.

"It's quite funny, I did say it was a joke in the comments, but nobody saw it"

And if you're wondering if he cleaned the dirty dishes that he walked away from, he sure did!

Although he did admit that video has gotten him into some trouble, he still works at Maccas. 

Hear the full story above. 

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