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Mitch James vs Flynny in One-Second Heardle
Who will be music song king?
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Jay-Jay & Flynny

Mitch James takes on champion Flynny in One-Second Heardle

Singer Mitch James knows his music, but can he know it faster than Flynny?
4 November 2022 4:12PM

Singer Mitch James is back with a new album, and a thirst for competition taking on our More FM champion Flynny in a friendly game of 'One-Second Heardle'.

Mitch James has spent the past couple of years living between Australia and New Zealand, some time in LA and a lot of time trying to make his sophomore album happen.

The album 'patience' which came out this November features his hit song 'Motions' and his new single 'Stuck in Denial'.