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Ed Sheeran goes to Featherston for a beer at a pub
An international pop star walks into a bar...
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Jay-Jay & Flynny

Ed Sheeran visits Featherston pub to the disbelief of the duty manager

"You look just like Ed Sheeran!"
24 January 2023 3:29PM

Ed Sheeran has been roaming around the country in the lead-up to his New Zealand shows - and surprising locals in the most unexpected places!

On Sunday around 11 am, Ed went to the pub Brac & Bow in Featherston, where he ordered two pints of Castle Lager and some fries.

But duty manager Debbie Sinclair told Jay-Jay & Flynny she didn’t realise she was serving her idol. 

Debbie looked at him and exclaimed “You know... you look like Ed Sheeran”, which drew a laugh from the pop superstar.

Believing she was talking to a great Ed doppelganger, Debbie still had not figured out she was talking to the 'Thinking Out Loud' star when she asked to see his ID.

It was only when Debbie's workmate whispered in her ear “he is who you said he is" that Debbie finally clicked that Ed was in her bar!

Following an initial gasp, Ed gave her a playful “Shhh'' motion and said he and his company were just going for a quiet drink.

Hear the full clip of Debbie chatting to her idol in the podcast highlight above!