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Flynny's Engaged!
Congrats Flynny and Jo!
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Jay-Jay & Flynny

Flynny gets engaged to partner Jo!

Congrats Flynny and Jo!
16 January 2023 5:46PM

Flynny's getting married!

Flynny shared the news with us that he's getting hitched to his beautiful girlfriend Jo, after he popped the question to her last year at their favourite Italian restaurant.

Every second Thursday, Flynny and Jo like to spend their date night having a romantic dinner together at their local Italian eatery. And it was where Flynny managed to disguise his planned proposal as a "normal" night, though Jo almost derailed the plans!

"I finished the radio show and was driving there, and then she rang me and goes "Oh, should we just cancel our booking? I'm feeling really tired."

"I had organised all this stuff... I was like, 'No, no, no, no. Just come out. Trust me, a drink will make you feel better and a bit of Italian."

Jo had reluctantly agreed, and Flynny organised their server to help record the moment.

"She said 'When I come over to take your order, do you want to do it then?' I said 'Yeah", but she kept coming over, like all the time. Like way too early. And I was like 'Oh no we won't order just yet!'"

Flynny finally gave the cue to their server, and got the confidence to get on one knee. And after a bit of ring fumbling, and many cheers and excitement from the restaurant, Jo said yes!

But where is that video of the proposal?

"The maître d said, 'Oh my God, I'm so sorry I didn't record!'"

Oops.... Congratulations anyway to Flynny & Jo!