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Jay-Jay & Flynny
Jay-Jay & Flynny

Tell Me Something Good: Tony turns 'Magic Mike' tickets into a flight to Fiji

The positive stories from Kiwis across the country
20 February 2023 4:57PM

We love the positivity and spreading good vibes! 

After a hectic and difficult past few weeks thanks to some unfriendly weather action,  we wanted to highlight some of the good things happening around Aotearoa.  And "Tell Me Something Good" is one of our favourite segments! We love hearing what has made your day better & the incredibly big or incredibly small things that put a smile on ya dial.

Listener Tony had a great story about how he's turning the tickets he and his wife won to 'Magic Mike 3' into an agreement for flights to Fiji - personally, we think his partner is really the one who's won the best deal from this agreement!

And Nicky's beautiful story about her son and his high school sweetheart had us with the warm fuzzies!

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