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Consumer NZ shares the "well-kept secret" to keeping your home warm in winter
Jay-Jay & Flynny
Jay-Jay & Flynny

Consumer NZ shares the affordable "well-kept secret" to keeping your home warm in winter

How do you keep your home warm without breaking the bank?
29 March 2023 7:19PM

With the colder weather creeping in, many homeowners are searching for ways to keep their homes cozy and warm without breaking the bank - especially in this Cost of Living Crisis. 

But our friends at Consumer NZ have approved a particularly cost-effective solution, one that Paul Smith, the product test manager from Consumer NZ, tells us is a "really well-kept secret".

"Stopping the heat going out of your house or room is the best thing you can do because then whatever heat source you've got doesn't have to work so hard so it's cheaper to run. And windows are a huge culprit."

And while solutions like double glazing are popular for improving insulation and reducing heat loss, they can come with a hefty price tag. But Paul's suggestion could cost you less than $10 a pane.

"You can make your own really cheap equivalent of double glazing by putting essentially a piece of plastic you stick over the window, hairdryer it in place and it does the job of double glazing - it creates this nice still air pocket that stops the heat disappearing out your drafty windows."

These double glazing kits, often found in your common home and DIY retailers like Bunnings, Mitre 10 or Placemakers, often come in multi-packs, and "usually, for $30 it will cover multiple windows."

"The tricky bit is making sure it goes on nice and smoothly."

Find out other alternative options Consumer NZ suggest to keep your home warm this winter in the Jay-Jay & Flynny highlight above! 

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