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Dean Lewis is ready to fight Flynny in our most competitive Heardle yet
A battle that's too hard to call!
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Jay-Jay & Flynny

Dean Lewis battles Flynny in the fiercest Heardle duel yet

Aussie singer Dean Lewis couldn't say goodbye to winning this competition
14 March 2023 8:00PM

Flynny has forever called himself the undisputed champion of Heardle. But 'How Do I Say Goodbye' singer Dean Lewis was going to make Flynny say goodbye to his precious title.

Bringing back our favourite (slightly stolen but repurposed for radio) segment 'Heardle', we put Dean Lewis against Flynny to guess songs from a single second.

And wow, did that battle get fierce!

Dean Lewis is currently in New Zealand touring Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch on his 'Sad Boi Summer tour' this March. 

Listen to the full interview with Dean Lewis above!

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