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Harry Styles' 'Banana' song 1 hour loop
Jay-Jay & Flynny
Jay-Jay & Flynny

Love Harry Styles' 'Banana' song? We made a 1-hour loop of it

One banana isn't enough.
9 March 2023 6:11PM

Harry Styles did not disappoint his Kiwi fans when he performed for the 47,000-strong gathering at Auckland's Mt Smart Stadium this week. From cracking out a rousing rendition of 'Tūtira Mai Ngā Iwi', to sharing with fans that he did fill out the NZ census form, it was the happiest crowd of people you could find on a Tuesday night. But one piece of audio has brought the global Harry fandom (also known as the "Harries") alive again. And it's a song about a banana.

What is the Banana Song?

“She’s dressed as a banana
She’s dressed as a banana
Aye, aye aye”

Harry first debuted the original ‘Banana Song’ back in 2021, when he saw a fan dressed as a banana at one of his shows. Since then, it's become a long-running gag as concert-goers show up to his gigs, dressed as fruits in the hopes that he would perform this impromptu tune once again.

Talking to the audience mid-encore, the pop star pointed out that one member of the audience had been throwing him different fruit every time he'd pass her section. "I've had a banana and an apple..." he told the crowd.

And as the fans cheered him on with anticipation, Harry gave himself a moment to try and remember before launching into song with the whole crowd breaking out into excitement. And it's not just bananas he sings about.

“And there’s two people dressed up as peas
There’s two people dressed up as peas, aye, aye aye”
Is there anyone dressed as an aubergine?
Is there anyone dressed as an aubergine?
Is there anyone dressed as an aubergine?
No, no, no, there’s not, there’s not an aubergine.”

After three years, fans were thrilled to see this song come to life again. And it's the catchiest little earworm that you're bound to have repeat over and over in your head.

So why create a 1-hour version of The Banana Song?

"Why limit life-changing fruity bliss to a 2-minute impromptu moment," our audio wizard Producer Pledge tells us. A keen Harry Styles fan who also attended his Auckland Mt Smart show, Pledge decided to use his audio editing skills for chaotic good. Taking a quality recording of the 'Banana' song, he began processing it into the hour-long piece of auditory art for Harries globally. He explains:

"We painted on some Compressors and Limiters with a bit of EQ to make that timeless fruity classic pop even more. Once the fruity classic was complete I copied it and faded each song together to create the loveliest loop."

"I like to think of myself as a vessel supplying the general public with their deepest desires," he shares.

And because the best things in life are free, he's uploaded the 1-hour loop of Harry Styles 'Banana' song on to all available podcast platforms for the world to enjoy.

"He Is The Moment. Periodt. (p.s. periodt is not a spelling mistake)".

Listen to the 1-hour loop of the 'Banana Song' below: