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Flynny writes Jay-Jay a terrible sea shanty
The pirate's life is not for Flynny.
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Jay-Jay & Flynny

Flynny writes Jay-Jay a sea shanty that feels quite backhanded

The pirate's life is not for Flynny.
30 May 2023 7:15PM

Inspired by our show which will be on the Interislander at the end of this month, Flynny has dug into this pirate dreams and pulled out something we'd never expect to be on our show - sea shanties.

While we're used to Flynny's greatest parody hits, these personalised sea shanties don't feel that flattering to anyone. Not that putting Jay-Jay and Jenny Craig into a sea shanty is a formula for award-winning shanty song writing...

But if you are one of those people who really like Flynny's sea shanties, then maybe you'll like the one Flynny wrote about Director Dave in this highlight clip below.

Flynny also had a go at writing sea shanties for listeners below (after the 20 minute mark)... do we think he's improving?

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