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Flynny's flailing arms get his honeymoon off to a rocky start
Just mere minutes into their island holiday - disaster struck!
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Jay-Jay & Flynny

Flynny's flailing arm fail was not the smoothest start to his honeymoon

Mere minutes into their island honeymoon too!
22 May 2023 6:42PM

Flynny and his new wife Jo were on cloud nine following a beautiful wedding on the cliffs of Waiuku. They had celebrated their love with all their friends and family, and were ready to set sail on their honeymoon.

In a rush, the couple gathered their bags and headed off to the Waiheke Island ferry.

Relieved, Jo suggested they should take a cute selfie on the ferry deck. And unfortunately, that was the last selfie that phone ever took...

Hear Flynny's secret recording after his flailing arm fail in our podcast highlight here:

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