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Jay-Jay & Flynny

We ask an expert: How do we stop kids from vaping?

Around 20% of Kiwi students vape daily - how do we educate them about the dangers?
3 May 2023 5:44PM

This week, the Australian government announced it was going to ban recreational vaping, and Kiwis won't be surprised if Aotearoa follows suit.

Recent studies have shown that 20% of New Zealand high school students are vaping on a daily basis. This is a concerning trend, as vaping can have serious health consequences and can lead to nicotine addiction. Ellie Gwilliam, an expert from the Parenting Place, has shared some advice on how parents can help their kids avoid vaping.

Ellie suggests that parents start by educating themselves about vaping, so they can have informed conversations with their children about the risks and dangers associated with it. It's important to keep an open dialogue with your kids and to listen to their concerns and questions.

"We need to be having conversations with our kids, even before they're teens or tweens, about vaping."

While vaping is relatively new territory for parents to understand, Ellie says that equipping kids with the knowledge on avoiding peer pressure is also key.

Overall, with the right approach and support, parents can help their kids to make healthy choices and avoid the harmful effects of vaping. 

Hear Ellie's tips in full in the Jay-Jay & Flynny highlight above.

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