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Flynny's wife Jo shares her ultimate winter soup recipe
Jay-Jay & Flynny
Jay-Jay & Flynny

Flynny's wife Jo shares her ultimate winter soup recipe

Think of Jo's recipe as a guideline for every delicious winter soup you need.
20 June 2023 2:48PM

A few things about winter bring Flynny joy. Getting cozy under the blankets, watching All Blacks, and a delicious winter soup!

Flynny says that his wife Jo's recipe can't be beaten. And Jo's recipe for winter soup doesn't require measuring or fancy ingredients. But it's all about FEELING (and whatever you've got at home).


  • Kings Soup mix
  • Pearl barley, red lentils and/or brown lentils 
  • Loads of veggies: like onions, carrots, parsnip, pumpkin, kumara or courgette
  • A meat: think lamb shanks, bacon hock, ox tails, chicken nibbles, or just chopped bacon


Jo admits that she doesn't have a straightforward recipe. But as a guide...

1) Start with Kings Soup Mix as a base.

2) Add in those lentils or barleys - "anything that makes you very windy".

3) Add beans and loads of veggies - just cut them up evenly and quite small.

4) Then bring in your meat, with the bone if you've got them. Bacon hock is a cheap option, and a favourite for Jo's mum was ox tails. 

5) Get it on the heat and once the soup's done, the bones should just slide right out!