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How 'Two Beers and a Puppy' test can help you decide who are the good friends in your life
Jay-Jay & Flynny
Jay-Jay & Flynny

How the 'Two Beers and a Puppy' test can reveal a lot about your relationship

Want to know if you have a good relationship with someone? Try this test
13 June 2023 6:07PM

Ever wondered if you have good people in your life?

See how the 'Two Beers and A Puppy' test work below as we did between Jay-Jay, Flynny, Producer Pledge and Director Dave:

Whether it's a friend, a coworker or your extended family, asking yourself those two questions can reveal a lot about your relationship with them, and may get you to see the relationship in a different way.

The two questions to ask yourself are:

  1. Would I want to have two beers with this person?
  2. Would I trust them to look after my puppy over a weekend?

The idea is that someone you have 'two beers' with is someone you value spending time with. They are a person in your life you are happy to commit quality time and conversation to.

Someone you'd trust to 'look after your puppy' is someone you consider reliable and 

And if someone doesn't hit one or both of those marks, it doesn't necessarily mean you want to quit your relationship with that person. However, it might be worth considering why they don't meet those marks, or where you need to invest that time with them.

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