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Rita Ora tests out her Kiwi accent on us and chats Taika Waititi's influence on album

Rita Ora tests out her Kiwi accent and chats Taika Waititi's influence on new album

Singer Rita Ora is becoming an honourary Kiwi!
1 June 2023 1:48PM

Rita Ora joined us for a candid interview over zoom, she beamed in from what looked like her lounge. Her hair was effortlessly wavy, she was in a gorgeous red dress, it was almost like we interrupted her before a catwalk!

After a few years of Covid, you would've thought we’d have this Zoom thing down by now. For about 2 minutes we struggled with ‘Tech Issues’ the conversation went as follows.

Rita Ora, “What's up gang can you see me?”

Jay-Jay, “I can't, nooooooooo”

Flynny, “Sorry Rita we’re having one small difficulty”

Rita Ora, “You know what me too, you guys are super louuuuud”

Rita Ora’s management, “Aren't we muted”

Rita Ora, “It wasn't muted, when i was muted”

Flynny, “Can hear us okay?

Rita, “SURE CAN, let's do it”

That’s the short version of it too!

Once we finally sorted out how to work a zoom we got underway! Rita was relaxed and open, in a very Kiwi way, it almost felt like we were all sitting around the dinner table just having a chin-wag. Rita shared her love for New Zealand & the people that make up our country. “I get this warm feeling inside, honestly, it's so nice to be so welcomed, I'm really lucky, thank you to everyone for the support”. Rita’s - Now an honorary Kiwi - has been practising her Kiwi accent & during the chat flawlessly transitioned between the Kiwi & Aussie accent!

Rita’s love for music was cultivated through nights out clubbing & raving in London, “The UK club scene was kinda why I started doing music… My memory of that era of music was so special. I wanted to bring that back.” And that's what she’s done! She’s released ‘Praising You’ a remix of the iconic Fatboy Slim song Praise You!

The remix is a triumphant dance tune with the same energy as the original! It came as no surprise that Rita had the help of Fatboy Slim on the record, “Having Fatboy Slim co-sign it, and really praise it, excuse the pun, was the best thing in the world”.

The music video to ‘Praising You’ was directed by her hubby Taika Waititi! When asked if she got mates' rates for the shoot, Rita laughed and replied, “I mean you'd think so.”

Rita’s new album is called ‘You and I’ and will be released on July 14! Rita has already shared all the track titles with us.

  • Don't Think Twice
  • You Only Love Me
  • Praising You (Ft. Fatboy Slim)
  • Unfeel It
  • Waiting For You
  • You & I
  • That Girl
  • Shape of Me
  • Look At Me Now
  • Girl in the Mirror
  • Notting Hill
  • I Don't Wanna Be Your Friend
  • Love Die Repeat
  • Rest of My Life

Rita’s third studio album is not only a departure from an ‘older sound’ but also from her old record company! “It's also been a big change.. I’ve moved into a really good family at BMG (an international music company based in Berlin, Germany) owning all my masters, it's a different structure which I find something to be really proud of.” The soon-to-be-released album is set to be the most personal Rita has made too. “I think that this record You & I, doesn't just mean you & your loved ones, it means you & yourself, you & your family, you & your friends.”

She opened up about how the Kiwi George Clooney aka Taika Waititi has also been a key part of her album, “He was such a big inspiration for me, on this album”. When asked how Taika felt about songs written about him, she laughingly shared, “I mean I think he loves it, to be honest!”

If there was any slither of doubt that Rita Ora isn't already an honorary Kiwi, let this be the final nail in the coffin. Flynny asked about what Rita enjoys doing in her downtime, she shared, “When I do get that downtime I definitely indulge in a beverage, or two, or three, or seven… I want a cocktail with my dinner. A Tequila, soda, lime situation!” Welcome to the whanau!

And hopefully, you’ll be able to see Rita live in concert soon, she left us with this little tease about a NZ gig, “I'll be there soon, don't you worry about that!”