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Foley takes a 2 v 1 battle against Heardle king Flynny
Can Ash and Gabe defeat Flynny in a fierce round of Heardle?
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Melissa Low

Kiwi band Foley compete in a 2 v 1 battle against Heardle King Flynny

Foley's Ash and Gabe have released a new album, but have to prove their musical chops to Flynny
28 August 2023 1:47PM

Talented multi-instrumental duo Ash Wallace and Gabriel Everett, better known as Foley, have reached a couple of milestones lately. Firstly, they have released their debut album Crowd Please, and the lead single 'What Got Into You'. But more importantly - they have debuted in the infamous More FM Heardle battle!

Ash and Gabe have been friends for quite a while, initially meeting during the long-running Smokefree Rockquest competition, before they decided to write songs together as Foley.

Their lead single 'What Got Into You' is described as a pop movement, written about someone spreading some gossip that doesn't usually, and when rumours take a life of their own.

But how will they take to a Heardle battle against the station wizard Flynny?

Listen to their full interview in the Jay-Jay & Flynny highlight above.

Watch the new music video from Foley - 'What Got Into You' below:

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