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Riiki Reid makes history playing against Flynny in 'Heardle'
Melissa Low
Melissa Low

Riiki Reid makes history playing against Flynny in 'Heardle'

For months, we've been waiting for a competitor strong enough to take the champion on...
21 August 2023 6:03PM

From Dean Lewis to Mitch James, many artists have tried and failed against Heardle champion Flynny. But after years of Heardle battles - he finally met his match in ex-Wellingtonian singer Riiki Reid.

The Kiwi songstress, currently based in Melbourne, has just released her new song 'Home With Me', a song she wrote over a year ago while she experienced moving away from home and living in a new country for the first time.

"I was there for six or seven weeks by myself, and I was in a writing session and feeling a bit homesick at the time," Riiki explains.

"We had 20 minutes left of the session and I was like, I'm really homesick and I really just like, need to vent about it.'"

"He started writing the piano chords for it... It's one of those things where I'm like, I never believe it when I say I wrote a song in 20 minutes."

Riiki has a history of mixing with all sorts of artists, including hanging out with Lorde when she performed in NZ.

"The most admirable thing was just like you actually forget that she's an international mega superstar."

"Because you're like, 'you were just such a wholesome, humble Kiwi Auckland girl'. You know? It's like people are just people. And it was just really refreshing."

But what was also refreshing was finding someone who got Flynny on edge during a fierce Heardle battle!

Find out what happened in the Jay-Jay & Flynny highlight above!

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