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Flynny's poem for his kids on Father's Day
Flynny had us in tears!
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Jay-Jay & Flynny

Flynny brings everyone to tears with his touching Father's Day poem for his kids

Flynny's poem for his five children is just a beautiful dedication of his love and heart for them..
1 September 2023 7:05PM

"This is how I feel about being a dad."

Flynny is a proud dad of five wonderful and brilliant kids. And while he might be the dorky, weird dad on the radio - he's got the biggest heart for his kids.

Watch Flynny dedicate his poem to his children, or read the full piece below:

Before you were here,
I thought I knew love,
but as soon as I held you,
I suddenly felt what true love really is.

Before you were here,
I was one of the guys.
But as soon as you arrived,
I became a dad.

Before you were here,
I thought I knew what mattered.
But as soon as you arrived,
you were all that mattered.

Every day when I go to work,
I go to work for you.
Every sleepless night, worrying
about how to pay the rent or things like that.
I do it for you.

Every sacrifice I've made for you.
I would do a million times over.

When you hurt, I hurt.

I would literally do anything to make sure that you were okay.

When you achieve something, my heart pumps full of joy.

When you fail at something, I'm desperate to make you feel better.

I'm not perfect at all.
And sometimes I've made mistakes.
Mistakes that have hurt you.

But there's one thing for sure.
And I can swear this on my life.

I love you with all my heart.

You not only make my life better,
You make my life fullstop.

When my time is up.
And I'm looking back on my life.
There's one thing I can say for certain.

I'll be able to say
The one thing I'm most proud of
and most grateful for is you
and being your dad.

I love you.

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