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Heardle: Macey vs Flynny
Will Kiwi singer Macey defeat the Heardle King Flynny?
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Jay-Jay & Flynny

Kiwi singer Macey gets Flynny going mind blank in a fierce game of Heardle

It's down to the wire between Kiwi singer Macey and Heardle King Flynny!
15 September 2023 6:12PM

It takes a lot to put the pressure on the Heardle King!

Flynny's unbeaten streak finally ended last month when he suffered his first loss against Kiwi singer/songwriter Riiki Reid. And since his only defeat, he's been on the warpath to put all other musicians in his place.

But thankfully, Kiwi artist Macey isn't one to back down from a battle.

The Kiwi singer joined Jay Jay & Flynny to explain that his rebrand into the Kiwi music scene was inspired by a season of personal struggles.

Macey, whose real name is Harry Parsons, first released music under his real name but felt that he got "very lost."

At the same time, he had also recently lost his father and split from his long-term partner of six years.

"Just have a fresh start" was what his team suggested. And so his musical persona 'Macey' was created.

"Felt like a cool thing to do... shed that energy and have a way to 'self-therapy," he explains to Jay-Jay & Flynny.

His new debut album 'The Lovers' draws from his learning over that time and what "love means to me as a grown-up; cause I grew a lot through that."

So, how does he handle a Heardle battle against the game king Flynny? Find out in the video above.

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