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More FM - Jay-Jay & Flynny play Heardle with L.A.B
The boys from L.A.B seek redemption when they play Heardle King Flynny a second time!
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Jay-Jay & Flynny

L.A.B seek redemption against Flynny in Heardle Round 2

It might be Flynny's birthday, but Joel and Miharo from L.A.B aren't letting him get all the treats
25 September 2023 3:12PM

Kiwi band L.A.B are back and are preparing for an excellent summer. They've locked in two show tour with Sublime and Rome, have been announced as a headliner for Jim Beam Homegrown 2024, and have dropped their new song 'Casanova' which is sure to be the perfect summer soundtrack.

There's just one thing they need to save - their Heardle pride.

The last time Kiwi band L.A.B played our infamous Heardle game against Flynny, their lead singer Joel got a serious beating.

So this time, Joel's brought his bandmate Miharo, and together they were ready to give the birthday boy an unconventional party serving of humble pie.

Will two heads from L.A.B be better than one Flynny? Will Flynny be another year wiser or will he meet his match? Will Joel ever want to show his face at More FM again if he loses a second time?

Hear their full interview here, or watch the Heardle battle in the video above.