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Georgia Lines plays Heardle
It's Kiwi singer Georgia Lines vs Heardle King Flynny
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Jay-Jay & Flynny

Georgia Lines calls foul on Flynny during Heardle battle

The Kiwi songstress was prepared to get fierce in this fight!
8 November 2023 7:21PM

Kiwi singer/songwriter Georgia Lines was first to admit that she wasn't feeling confident playing Heardle against our self-proclaimed king of the game, Flynny.

However, she found within her a lot of competitive energy as she battled Flynny in the song guessing game.

The singer has returned with her brand new synth-pop stadium-ready anthem, ‘Romeo’.

“Romeo is about the reality of the tensions you can sometimes feel in a relationship and wanting the ease of the “Romeo” fantasy,” she explains of her 80s-inspired synth track.

“Romeo went through so many changes, so many versions, so many different versions of the choruses,” says Georgia. “At one stage we almost threw the baby out with the bathwater and deleted the entire chorus for a whole day. When we had a break and gained some sonic perspective/fresh ears, we realized “wait”; we’ve literally deleted everything that made the song so great!”

“The track follows on from the pop era I have been in over the last little while. Following on from 'Nothing But Love' and 'Monopoly', 'Romeo' closes the pop chapter before launching into my debut album."

Hear Georgia Lines's full interview with Jay-Jay & Flynny in our podcast catch-up below:

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