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Jay-Jay's family tree obsession
This is a strange silver lining
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Jay-Jay & Flynny

Jay-Jay's family tree obsession has sparked some weird emotional reactions

We won't be surprised if she's Ancestry.com and MyHeritage.com's #1 user in NZ
15 November 2023 3:59PM

Jay-Jay's not shy to admit that she's become obsessed with discovering her family tree. In fact, she spends HOURS discovering all the branches of her family history.

It's uncovered some fascinating things about Jay-Jay's history. She's found half-sisters on the other side of the globe (some of those who didn't even realise their fathers weren't quite who they thought they were....) and even found out a workmate based in Rotorua was her distant cousin - small world!

Jay-Jay's family tree hobby sounds pretty wholesome, and in the wise words of NZ's own Six60, "Don't Forget Your Roots". 

But a recent discovery from Jay-Jay took a bit of a weird emotional turn when she shared with the boys that she lost a fourth cousin of hers... and she strangely found herself a bright, silver lining.

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