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Kiwi Mum shocked to discover husband's infidelity during Parent-Teacher interview
Jay-Jay & Flynny
Jay-Jay & Flynny

Kiwi Mum shocked to discover husband's infidelity during Parent-Teacher interview

That's one place you'd never discover to find your husband's ring!
26 April 2024 8:00AM

When we posed the question, "Where did you unexpectedly find a ring?" we never anticipated the drama of a cheating story unfolding!

Listener Claire expected her and her husband to attend a routine parent-teacher interview for her seven-year-old son. However, the situation took an unexpected turn when the teacher innocently presented Claire with a ring.

"I have to tell you that your son brought in a ring and gave it to another little girl," the teacher began. "Very cute, but I knew I had to give it back to you, so it looks like an engagement ring."

During the interview, as the teacher passed the ring back to Claire, the realisation dawned on her.

"She gave it to me, and it wasn't mine. [Her son] had taken it out of his father's desk, and it was actually meant for someone else... while we were still married."

Claire's cheating husband witnessed the entire scene. However, because the teacher thought she was performing a kind gesture by returning the ring to its rightful owners, Claire pretended it was hers until they had left the room.

"I can only imagine the chaos that ensued afterwards," Jay-Jay remarked.

So, if the ring wasn't intended for Claire, then who was it for?

"Then I found out he was dating the lady who had bought our house from us," Claire revealed.

"You've been through some stuff, haven't you!" Jay-Jay exclaimed.

Fortunately, Claire has happily remarried and no longer feels the need to search her husband's desk drawers for secrets.

It's not the only wild cheating revelation story that's been revealed on air! Hear about Chris's dating profile revenge, and Tracey catching her 50-something husband with an 82-year-old in the Jay-Jay & Flynny highlight above.

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