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How Drax Project stopped painting houses and almost cried at the All Blacks game

How Drax Project stopped painting houses and almost cried at the All Blacks game

The boys of Drax Project are back, and are making music full-time.
11 July 2022 5:50PM

Drax Project is back with their first EP in four years, 'Diamonds'.

Drax Project on going full-time and performing in front of the All Blacks
Matt and Ben from Drax Project join us on the eve of their new EP release to talk about Hollywood, painting, and almost crying at an All Blacks game
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Released July 8th, Drax Project members Matt and Ben stopped by on the eve of their EP release to talk about the recent successes of the group, including playing the national anthem at a recent All Blacks vs Ireland game at Eden Park.

"It was fantastic. I mean, we were absolutely buzzing," drummer Matt explained.

"Matt shared a little tear," guitarist Ben confessed.

"Yeah, we did. We sold the dream that I would cry doing it and, yeah, got pretty, pretty damn close."

The pair also chatted about finally getting away from their regular 9-5 jobs and going full-time as a group. 

"Ben and I used to be painting houses and the song playing right now, 'Woke Up Late' would come on the radio," Matt said.

It wasn't a quick transition to leave their full-time jobs and have music support them financially, explaining that it was a "bit of a fade in, fade out process."

"What we did, we just set a date, which is what Six60 told us it was about five years ago. They said, 'We just set a date and from here we're going to make this happen. So everyone throw in the towel.'

"[Lead singer and saxophonist] Shaan can stop calling people at 8 o'clock trying to sell insurance, [bassist] Sam stop his job at the youth centre."

But while music is the focus, Ben and Matt can still be taken back with a whiff of the old paint bucket.

"Honestly, we had a great time painting," Ben said. "We're still good mates with our old boss and we go and help out."

"We come in for the Christmas party every year!" Matt added.

Funny enough, in a full circle moment, their old boss is also a painter dubbed "The Painter Guy" who is also a DJ, playing at their EP release party.

"The world works in such great ways!" Lana exclaimed.

Watch the full interview with Ben and Matt from Drax Project above, or listen to their new music video for 'Hollywood' below.