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Gary didn't quite hit his cue in our new ad
The Breakfast Club
The Breakfast Club

Gary didn't quite hit his cue in our new ad

It took hours to get the shots and we didn't even use them!
12 September 2022 2:22PM

Our new ad has officially hit screens around Aotearoa! 

We got a snazzy new ad.
Gary was a bit out of touch on set...
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In it we see a suited-up Gary rocking up in a limo, but behind the scenes, it wasn't as seamless as it looks. 

Gary couldn't get his wave right, meaning the limo had to keep going back and forth on this small street, just to get the right shot….which we didn't even end up using in the finished product! 

With Gary’s years of TV experience, we were expecting big things from his performance but he could hardly get his waving right or get your foot out the limo door properly.

Adam stole the set thanks to his TV background with ‘What Now’ and ‘The Adam & Eve Show’. 

- Lana to Gary. 

Want to see the nice, polished final product? Watch it here. 

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